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As freedom strategists, we help people maximize their potential and live their lives to the fullest. In our decades of experience in business, ministry, and leadership, we have come in contact with so many people who are just existing — going through life on autopilot and wasting time — completely unsure how to be who they are purposed to be. It is so disheartening to see people afraid to be themselves, functioning from the unhealed places of their past. This is our heart and what drives everything we do. We walk God's people through life transformation to a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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BE HEALED! 14-Day Challenge

Join Us March 14- 27th on our social media platforms as we share daily powerful nuggets on how to identify and move forward from the bondages of trauma. We also invite you to level up with us and join the Be Healed! 14- Day Challenge to receive daily emails with teaching videos, encouraging words, and journal prompts for enhanced supports with your healing journey.

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BE HEALED! MasterClass

Trauma is baggage and bondage disabling the people of God from flourishing. Your future depends on you getting free. But what steps do you take? Where do you start? We've asked those questions so many times. And through prayer and participation with the Holy Spirit we have found the blueprint for breakthrough. While hundreds of people have discovered the power of this course, it started with us.

Our traumatic life experiences, allow us to minister to yours. The grace that is on our life to deal with abuse, fatherlessness, church hurt, addictive behaviors, and abandonment stem from our past. It still amazes us how much we have conquered that tried to conquer us. But God turned our pain into a place of restoration for many. We believe He will do the same for you. Generations will Be Healed as a result of your freedom.

Our Be Healed! MasterClass is starting soon April 4th. If you would like to level up your healing journey with us, click on the image to learn more and sign up.

Access Granted

This comprehensive training program with Antoine and Kimberlyn is designed to walk you through life transformation and healing to achieve wholeness.

Access Granted is offered year around as self-paced course, featuring more than 20 lessons, a digital workbook, and study exercises.

Access Granted is also offered quarterly as a live MasterClass, taught jointly by Antoine & Kimberlyn McNutt, with 8 live weekly group coaching sessions provided in addition to the 20 lessons, digital workbook, and study exercises. The next live class will start Mon. May 2nd, with registration opening in April 1st.

Learn to let go of your past and experience the life you deserve!

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Break Through to Freedom Journal

Are you ready to fully experience the life you were meant to live? Do you know that God wants you to see His goodness and blessings abound in your life? These truths and more are available to you right NOW! No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, you can find inner healing and move forward from the pain of your past.

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If you would like for us to speak at your engagement, click the image to get started. We would love to hear more about the event to see if we can be of service. We're looking forward to working with you!

Freedom Coaching

Thank you for your interest in our 5-Star virtual coaching sessions for individuals, pre-marital and married couples. We currently have available limited slots for; mens' coaching with Antoine and couples coaching jointly with Antoine and Kimberlyn.
We believe in using a holistic approach that includes a combination of teaching, prayer, deliverance, and inner healing techniques to help you gain maximum freedom in all our sessions

Additionally, for our coaching services, we are also certified with both Prepare- Enrich the #1 Premarital and Marriage Assessment and SYMBIS the most widely used pre-marriage system.

If Interested in our Freedom Coaching services, click the Men's Coaching or Couple's Coaching links below.

Journey For Freedom

Journey for Freedom is our non-profit organization that aims to strengthen and equip believers with the tools needed to overcome strongholds and soul wounds in order to heal and live free. If you would like to help us reach more people, you can donate by clicking here.

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Breakthrough Prayer Challenge

If you're ready to walk in power, wholeness, and FREEDOM, join our 30-day Breakthrough Prayer Challenge. After signing up, you'll receive daily prayers and meditation scriptures to strengthen you spiritually, help you let go of trauma, and find healing. Are you ready to receive your breakthrough?

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